Desktop Repair

Desktop Computer RepairUsually you just know when you need to get your desktop computer repaired. Things that were easy to do before are now just a hassle because your computer is slow or doing “weird things” that are preventing it from performing simple tasks.

Here’s some other ways to tell it’s time to consider desktop computer repair and visit a computer technician:

  • Your computer is much slower than usual
  • You are unable to connect to the internet
  • Advertisements are appearing on your screen
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” regularly
  • Your computer often overheats

At EC Wireless we have years of experience dealing with every type of computer problem imaginable so you can be sure that your computer will be in good hands.

When you bring your desktop computer in we’ll first run a free diagnostic test to identify the problem. Then we’ll give you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix and what the time frame is for completing the repair. In many cases we can fix your computer pretty quickly. For more complicated problems, it may take a few days. Either way, we will keep you aware of what is going on so you’ll have a good idea of when you will be up and running again.

Stop in our shop at 578 Sandridge Rd., Hubert, NC. Click here for directions and hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fix my desktop right now?

Well, that depends. Is it driving you crazy and taking an enormous amount of time to get anything done? Is your desktop unusable? These would be two great reasons to come in and let us fix your computer.

Which part of my computer is the desktop?

Many people refer to their monitor, or screen as their computer. A monitor actually just takes the signals from the computer and doesn’t do any computing itself. The big box with the ports (where you plug things in) is the one that does all the work. This is usually where the problem lies so just bring this in when you come to see us.

Why are there so many ads on my computer?

If you are seeing a lot of ads, you might have a virus. We can help you get rid of that.

Why does my computer freeze randomly?

Random computer freezing is probably the result of malware. We’ll figure out if that is the case and then remove it.

Why does my computer have no sound?

If you cannot hear anything on your computer, you probably need sound card repair

Why does my computer crash when I play games?

If your computer is turning off while gaming, you may have a problem with your video card.

Why is my computer beeping?

Beeping often comes from computers in need of motherboard repair.

Do I still need a desktop?

It’s a matter of personal preference. If you just browse the web, send email, edit documents and photos, and maybe do your taxes, you don’t necessarily need a desktop. Laptops and smartphones can do all of these basic tasks now. But if you perform more complicated tasks like editing video or crunching statistics, consider staying with a powerful machine like a desktop computer.